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shitbag wine

Shitbag Wine

Shitbag Wine is a casual budget red for the constantly mobile. The unbreakable plastic bottle is a boon to those who slip and fall often. And the unique nipple top lets the wine through when you squeeze, but keeps it in when you knock over the bottle, or throw it against a wall in a fit of sweaty rage.

Shitbag's bouquet is complex if not delicate, with dense aromas of thistleberry and fish, and a touch of lead from the barrel aging. The wine carries a strong smoke feel and has an almost overpowering finish.

Shitbag Wine. The wine of choice for the downwardly mobile.

chateau du shitbag

Chateau du Shitbag

So you're off the streets. But you miss the sound of the trains, the feel of vermin against your cheek, the smell of fresh morning vomit. You yearn for a simple, dangerous life. Now you've got Chateau du Shitbag.

Or: you're still down on your luck, but miraculously a benevolent stranger has asked you to dinner. A whole new world could be opening to you, if you impress, if you show distinction. If you bring along a bottle of Chateau du Shitbag.

No matter your lot in life, Chateau du Shitbag rewards the pallette munificently. Luxurious dark berry, peanuts, cassis, and vodka with firm tannins. Only the slightest hint of lead. Sir Lawrence Shitbag's signature Merlot is a classic choice for upscale transients worldwide.

Shitbag Wine
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