Palomazon: Pharmaceuticals: Vaginax

Vaginax: For dry vaginas.

Wet is to dry as vagina is to...?

No one wants a dry vagina, especially when your current desire is moist intercourse. Now your vagina can have twice the wetness for hours with Vaginax vaginal capsules.

Please read the application instructions carefully before blasting vagina with Vaginax.

Vaginax is 100% beef tallow

Vaginax DRY: For abnormally moist vaginas.

Vaginax Dry dries out wet vaginas, limiting sexual desire by increasing the pain of vaginal activity.

Application instructions should be read carefully before attempting to attempt to use Vaginax Dry.

When a Vaginax Dry capsule is fired deep inside the vagina, microscopic polyester fibres wick away moisture from the vagina's hearth, assuring an abrasive texture on the interacting walls of the inner vagina.

Vaginax Dry is 100% polyester

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