Palomazon: Tobacco: Paloma Harsh

paloma harsh

Paloma Harsh Cigarettes

In the Zone of Paloma, only the Harsh survive.

Paloma Harsh is like an old friend. Like an old friend, Harsh smoke fills your lungs and takes you back to a time when men were men and pain was pain. After all, flavor is one thing you shouldn't go after half-cocked.

Paloma Harsh. It hurts®.

paloma harsh 2

Paloma Harsh 2 Extreme Cigarettes

Harsh 2, dude! Paloma® Harsh 2 is harsh enough for your totally unique urban lifestyle. Whether you're out at parties, clubbing, or listening to mp3s that you copied illegally, you can't get much harsher than Harsh 2.

Righteous bonus, dude! Watch the Harsh 2 TV spot now! [big-3MB] [small-1MB]

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