Name: Betty | Age: Barely Legal | Type: Bubbly and blonde, with a dynamite bod!

So I'm in Malibu last month to check out the action. I see this hot blonde chick in a bikini by the pool at my hotel. I walk straight up to her and give her a flower (what a charmer--heh, heh). So anyway, she tells me she's on a school trip (drool, drool) and that I cheered her up 'cuz she's all mad at her lame boyfriend who took off with her bestfriend. So I offer to buy her a drink (She orders an ice cream float!) but she keeps blabbing on about this guy (she showed me a picture--total redhead dork). Just when I'm thinking I'm gettin' nowhere with this goody-two-shoes broad, I get an idea. I'm like, you know what would really make your boyfriend jealous? (Wink, wink) She totally agrees and so we go back to my room and well...

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Name: Daphne and Velma | Age: College Girls | Type: Nerd/Babe Tag Team

So I'm just chillin' in Venice Beach one night, smokin' a J and lookin' for some fun and these two weird chicks walk right up to me. You know me, I started eyeing the redhead and she gets all red in the face. So the four-eyed square starts talking about a couple of fags and a dog that got lost at some carnival and the redhead says something about ghosts chasing them and that they need help. And I thought I was stoned! So I say, I'll help you find your pals if you help me with some research that I'm doing on "fluid dynamics". So this science-talk totally turns the nerd's crank, right? Next thing I know we're back at my room setting up the camera for our "experiment". Never knew what hit 'em. Jinkies, indeed.

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Name: Judy | Age: Teeny Bopper | Type: Dumb Rich Girl

On the way back from a trip to Vegas I stop for the night in one of those suburban towns where everyone is rich, white and stuck up. I go into one of these cyber-yuppie latte joints to take a leak and if I don't see the foxiest little minx sittin' there all prim 'n' pretty. So when I come out of the can I sit at a nearby table, and take out my camera gear (rich girls get all wet for filmmaker types). Right away she asks me if my camera is an antique. Antique? I got it used but its three years old, tops! I'm thinkin', this girl's a total ditz but she's cute as all hell and now she wants to see my "old-fashioned" cell phone (god knows on what planet a brand new Nokia fliptop is "old-fashioned"). I figure, this chick is borderline retarded so I go for a straight ahead approach. I ask her if she'd like to come back to my motel so I can show her "how my camera works". She freaks out, jumping up and down and yelling, Yipee! I'm thinkin', geez, save some for the camera. She did.

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