Longhorn-San Technology Building, Tokushima Prefecture

At Octuple AAAAAAAA Longhorn-San Food Systems, we know that innovation is the key to a good food business. That's why we dedicate 60 percent of our overall budget to experimentation.

While much of this work is carried out in our specially designed technology buildings, Octuple AAAAAAAA Longhorn-San Food Systems owns and subcontracts farms and laboratories around the world for research and development purposes.

Our genetics department is industry-leading. Not just in food modification techniques, but in the methods in which these techniques are implemented, and the mode in which both the techniques and the methods are exercised as a system. At Octuple AAAAAAAA Longhorn-San Food Systems, we genetically modify food, the way Nature would have wanted it.

By choosing Octuple AAAAAAAA Longhorn-san Food Systems, you are choosing a market leader in the area of innovation.

What we conceive of, through the dialectic and the Union of Two, we can make. That's just one of the many sayings around here, at Octuple AAAAAAAA Longhorn-San Food Systems.