LAS2 is a large, convenient device for liquefying animal matter. Have you noticed how long it takes to prepare an animal carcass for human
consumption? Sometimes it seems like your kitchen staff spend the bulk of their time simply transforming animal bodies into something palatable to human diners.

That's where LAS2 steps in. It can save you thousands of man-hours. The animal carcasses are fed into the LAS2 input sluice and pass
through an intricate meshwork of rotating blades, then through the optional blast heating throat, exiting moments later into the collection trough. The resultant product can be sold as is - like our Captain Health's Meat Shakes.

Or the liquid material can be repurposed into solid forms in our companion module to the LAS2, the FMS Food Molding System. Turn liquid cow into burgers! Turn liquid pig into pork chop-shaped pork units! The possibilities are endless. But importantly, since you can feed the entire animal into LAS2, you deliver more meals per pound of carcass, since what used to be
considered food waste - bones, intestines, and the like - are incorporated pleasingly into the edible matter. In fact, you don't need to stick to animals: vegetable matter and even garbage tastes great when it comes out of the amazing LAS2!

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