Octuple AAAAAAAA Longhorn-San Food Systems is working hard to identify branding opportunities in this new and exciting market called the World Wide Internet!

Studies have shown that the typical user of the World Wide Internet is a hapless, isolated, pornography-obsessed, borderline lunatic.

Based on research of this kind, we have developed strategies to reach these new customers. Customers who, though alienated and pathetic, can be seen as Regular Customers Searching For A Release From The Pressures Of Life®. We believe that with the right concepts, food and food systems can commandeer these needs, and become the new source of release.

One exciting example can be seen right here on the World Wide Internet itself.

Visit hotlonelypartyfoodsystems for yourself, and see how we're taking a bold new approach to food branding on the World Wide Internet.

Let's Turn Masturbation Into Mastication, World Wide Internet-Style®

A Typical User Of The World Wide Internet