At dinnerLand InternationalTM, we believe that social responsibility is an integral part of public relations and provides unique opportunities for product placement. Since 1989, we have distributed week-old Meat CookiesTM to dinnerLandTM Fun SheltersTM and dinnerLandTM Soup-er KitchensTM. We are proud to say that dinnerLandTM is the restaurant of choice among the poverty-stricken.

Join the dinnerLandTM Historical Preservation Society. Go to your nearest dinnerLandTM restaurant and find out how you can donate to help dinnerLand InternationalTM purchase historic buildings and refurbish them as dinnerLand franchises, thereby preserving them for future generations.

We are proud to announce that we have just opened our 98,000th dinnerLandTM franchise in Larnaca, Cyprus, thanks to your donations. Go Cyprus!