The Eagle Flies, the Ferret Sleeps
By Wayne Laperriere

From the back cover

Bobby Ferret and Todd Eagle are framed for murder, can they solve the crime before they do the time?


A reader from Chicago, Illinois:

Absolute shit. Worse than LaPerriere's other three Eagle and Ferret books combined. This time the animals spend the whole book on trial for murdering a volunteer fireman. It's chapter after chapter of the two reading legal briefs and discussing trial strategies with their lawyer. Then, as per usual with LaPerriere's stuff, some guy just shows up near the end of the book and confesses that he did it. Total fuckin' garbage. They didn't even have too many parts where the ferret was using the eagle like a little hanglider. That's the only reason I read this fuckin' stupid horseshit!

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Author Wayne Laperriere with Plato and Dave, his beloved eagle and ferret.