Detective Squirrel Reporting for Duty


By Nora Alonzo Pilaff and Stinky Poo Pilaff



From the back cover:

In the small sleepy town of Gravyville, USA, someone has been murdered. The mystery is, who was it? The police are stumped -- all citizens are accounted for – until a new sleuth shows up to "nudge" them in the right direction. Nobody thought a squirrel could solve crimes, but that's before they met Poofy!


A Reader From Familyville, Utah:
Five Stars! The question: Can Anyone Bring Freshness To The Mystery-Solving Pets Genre? has been answered with authority. Co-authors Pilaff and her squirrel Stinky-Poo are on the case! Similar in plot to many I've read….but this time it's a squirrel!!! Kudos.


A Reader From Huntsville, Alabama:
Boring, trite, etc.. Poofy had NO personality! Only the reader knows him as Poofy! Everyone else was like, hey there's that squirrel! Hey, where's he going? Hey why's he nudging my leg? Then they follow him for hours, talking about how smart squirrel are, how it's completely normal to keep them as pets….where was the plot!??? They didn't even find the murderer!!! Just the person who was murdered! The last page is an ad for the sequel: Let's Do It Again Poofy. Terrible.

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Authors Nora Alonzo Pilaff and Stinky Poo Pilaff.