71 Bottles of Deer on the Wall


by Susie Brenda Barnstead



From the back cover:

Brenda-Sue the white-tailed deer is back in Boston, but now Jim the hunter has been kidnapped. Can Brenda-Sue find him and foil a bank heist? The answer is yes!


From the Seattle Gazette:
The idea that a deer and a hunter would team up to solve mysteries together is preposterous enough. Now, Brenda-Sue (who gets smarter every book) can not only speak and read English, but also Spanish and Ancient Latin; manages to drive a ferrari down Massachusetts ave; hacks into a computer mainframe; and DJs at a local nightclub. Barnstead's heavy-handed, didactic tone and defensiveness toward any query concerning deer-intelligence are far too prominent in the book. It is quite probable that some readers will question the author's mental health. Must we endure 70 more in this series?

From a reader in Regina, Saskatchewan:
I didn’t no there was deers in boston but know that I do because I read all the books starting withe the first one 99 bottles of deer I no I'm getting mareed there if I get a husband and he want to.