Roy "Kraft"


Sir JL and I made a movie video. We went to a party with a lot of strangers, because we followed some of them to their party, and partied there. Then, there was some trouble, but we left with the camera and tape, so we made this movie.

Watch the movie now.


This is me, Roy "Kraft" in my apartment with my favorite rifle

I'm a mercenary so I spend a lot of my time working. When I'm not...

I guess I ike doing this a lot. This is a shot of my arsenal.


Shooting rats in my apartment... Got one!!!


I try to clean my guns every day. I need them for work, so it's important to keep them clean. Also, I enjoy it.

Some more guns.

I also like to have fun!

Ladies: I'm single.

Thanks to my good friend Sir J. L. for helping me make this site.

Look at his site, it looks really good as well.