Hey, whaddup. Mearn Vodka, who you probably know as Captain Bossy on Dutch & Polski, is my uncle, and I was surfing around and I realized that there are totally not any fan sites for him, which is wack. So here it is, the one-and-only Mearn Vodka Appreciation Page! Check it out!

Here he is, the one-and-only Captain Bossy. Snackin on a hoagie, yelling like he does. My uncle has been in over 150 Dutch & Polski episodes. He first appeared in Episode #7, "The Methamphetamine Affair," after the series producer D Daves Dynama fired the first Captian, Captian Sores.

Captain Bossy is a loved and respected character. Actually he is pretty much feared by a lot of the characters because he can yell so loud, and after he smacked up Sgt. Del Torres in Episode #12 "Tea Time for Transvestites" because Del Torres was popping 'ludes in the precinct office.

My favorite episode is when Captain Bossy was kidnapped by the Peruvian child porn ring and they tried to feed him to death. Cept they picked the wrong guy to try that trick out on! He was still snackin when Dutch & Polski drove their motorscooters through the roof and rescued him.

Not many people know this I guess, but the man behind Captain Bossy, my uncle Mearn Vodka is a real stand-up guy as well. Of all the older people I know, he is for sure one of the coolest. He's pretty laid back and easy going. He doesn't really have that much of a temper. Well, not as much as Capn Bossy anyway. I guess he does sort of fly off the handle now and then, but then again who doesn't? Here's a snap of him relaxing in his pad:

Here's a pic of him from a party my folks had last Easter. Man did he tie one on that night.

By the way, my name's Mans Vodka. My friends call me The Man. Here's what I look like!!

UPDATE: A lot of people have mailed me asking if my uncle actually drinks Vodka, like his name. Actually no he doesn't. Everyone in my family hates vodka. That's what you get for having that sort of last name. Like if my name was Mans Spinach, like I would really want to eat spinach for every friggin meal. Think about it before you mail!! Actually Mearn seems to like tequila a hell of a lot.