Hey all you ladies!!! They call me Sir J. L. Sauce!!!


ROY AND I MADE A MOVIE!! THat's right, a movie. What happened was: we overheard from some guy at the beer store that he was having some party, so we tailed him home and crashed the fucking thing and PARTIED with all of his friends and BABES!! It was a A-plus good time, and I guess we wound up with his camera, so we got this guy Ed who owed us a favour to cut the thing together, and hey... our movie! Hello, Hollywood...?

Here's the movie!


That's right, that's me in the picture with my dog, K-2. That's my cozy bachelor pad that I'm in.

Thanks for coming to my Web Page. Why don't I tell you something about me?

NAME J. L. Sauce
AGE 32
CITY That depends. I travel a lot.
HEIGHT/WEIGHT 6'3", 200 pounds of hard-hitting MAN!!


Hey this is my Personal page, it's for the ladies to check out if they're looking for a hot date. If you're looking to hire me for a job, well, if you don't know the number to call, then NO CAN DO!! Besides you probably can't afford me. I only work for people I trust and that pay the big bucks. My clients are very discerning and they are well-respective of their privacy.

And to the Panamanian Secret Police guy who keeps emailing me, STOP IT. Listen buddy, war is hell, and if you thought a little bit about the consequences of your actions, you would realize that I am not responsible for any of the "accidents" you think happened.


If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!!  



Exotic places

My dog

Intelligent women who appreciate that I have a job to do


Double teaming

The government

Bartenders that can't make a good daquiri

Rap music

Hos who charge a lot more than they said they would


OUCH!! Too hot to handle. Me with my buddy Roy, we do a lot of work together.



This just in: I just helped my buddy Roy set up his own Web Page. I find this Web very interesting, do you? Anyway. Ladies, you should stop by Roy's Place, because he needs some more visitors, and he's a really kind man.